BOI Projects in Sri Lanka

We provide services from the application to the signing of any project (both foreign and local investments).


Secretarial Services

We carry out any Company Incorporations, Secretarial Work and any type of business registration (both foreign and local).


Accounting Outsourcing

We complete the entire Accounting Function of any Company and provide experienced & qualified personnel to the Companies.


We handle Manufacturing, Services, Hospitals, Hotels and any other projects.

All outsourced companies are supervised by Chartered Accountants on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We also give daily Bank Balances, Weekly Accounts, Monthly Accounts and also provide Profit and Loss Accounts to the Balance Sheets.


Our Company

We carry our business as Auditors, Secretaries of Board of Investment Projects, Application to signing the Agreement and agents of companies, Corporations, Syndicates, Firms, Associations and other institutions.

Contact Us

  • Phone:
     (+94) 11 2815038 (General)
  •        (+94) 11 2820540 (Fax)
  •        (+94) 11 2809444 (Direct)
  •        (+94) 77 7712221 (Mobile)
  •        (+94) 76 3231331 (Mobile)
  • Email:
  • Address:
    61/1, Balapokuna Road,
    Colombo-6, Sri Lanka.